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The following outlines our mission statement at AllGunTalk.

Our mission is to:

  • provide a place to safely buy and sell firearms and related products, as well as bring open, honest and spirited discussion to the web. This is a website to celebrate the freedom of gun ownership.
  • provide a place with a wide range of firearms and products available, expanding your choices for products to purchase. This is a place to look for the common, as well as the uncommon.
  • provide a place where you can sell your firearms and products for fair prices while respecting all national and local regulations.
  • provide a forum enabling adults to engage in commerce, discussion, and disagreements without censorship, unless it involves threats, stalking, illegal or inappropriate behavior. This is a place for politically correct and politically incorrect views to stand side by side in the theater of public discourse. We encourage you to espouse your opinions about anything, including this site.
  • engage readers and foster individual involvement, because an involved citizenry, not heavy government regulation, is the foundation for a strong government.

And finally,


Welcome to AllGunTalk.com.

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