The AllGunTalk Benevolent Fund

The benevolent fund is set up to help registered users that are in good standing, and who are abiding by the site's Term and Conditions, who may be in need of some quick financial help.

This is NOT a fund to provide long term support, but rather to help someone over a rough patch. AllGunTalk believes in giving back to the people that make this site work.

The funds in this department will be supervised by a rotating board of supervisors. These supervisors will determine to whom, how much, and when funds will be dispersed. NO ONE from the staff or affiliated with the supervising board is eligible to receive monies from the fund.

This would not replace the running of benefit auctions. It would be a way to offer a little help during a hard time by having some funds immediately available to assist someone.

This offer to help is only available to a member, meeting the above criteria, once in a twelve month period beginning January 1 of each year and ending on December 31 of the same year.

To donate to the Benevolent Fund please click the heart on this page.

To apply for the benevolent fund or to nominate someone for help, please send an email to the staff at AGT by clicking on the contact staff link.

Thanks for your support,
The AGT Staff